If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"If neither you nor your clients know why you are on Linkedin, then how is anyone meant to know what to do"?

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The "Linkedin Profile Optimisation" Course

Linkedin works best as a 'Lead Generation' tool rather than as a 'Resume' or 'Sales' site. With Linkedin, you need to be aware of exactly who you are targeting and with what specific product or service.

In order to make Linkedin work effectively, this specific target needs to be restricted to ONE target market and ONE product/service! The idea is to become known as the 'Go-to Expert' in your field. Your overall objective is to re-direct your potential client off  the Linkedin platform and into your 'Sales Funnel'.

This course provides you with a complete step-by-step blueprint to create a Linkedin profile that helps you to accomplish this!

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Who Is Linkedin For?

LinkedIn is designed for freelancers, business owners, high-ranking professionals and college students to make connections. It is not meant for sending funny memes, pictures of your family, or even for  funny cat videos. It is a buttoned-up social network that needs to be treated with respect.


Are you responsible for publishing books or magazines?  LinkedIn is the perfect platform for highlighting your publications. You can even use it to recruit and promote new talent.


LinkedIn is set up perfectly for authors. Your profile could be utilised by you to include excerpts of your published work.  Another option would be to present book trailers via Linkedin or to offer sales links to your own published books.


LinkedIn is an ideal a way to connect with CEOs and HR managers. This could enable you to always have access to the most up-to-date information about local companies and their personnel requirements.


If you deal 'Business to Business' having a Linkedin presence is essential.  With over 600 Million professional users you can be sure that potential collaborators, lenders and clients are all accessible..


Are you approaching graduation?  Then, it's imperative that you create a professional profile on LinkedIn. Through this you can demonstrate your experience, internships and qualifications. Linkedin is a perfect showcase to attract the attention of employers and recruiters.

Not Welcome

Scammers, persistent sales people or those with nothing to contribute.  If you do not intend making the effort to develop and continually update your profile, build relationships or generally contribute - This is not the right place for you!

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